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Introduction- There is a first time for everything

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

There is a first time for everything. This blog is my first time writing one so makes sense to start with an introduction. My Name is JJ not my full name, a nick name given by my best friend’s daughter and one that has stayed with me since. Aged 40 soon to be 41 in a matter of weeks, that age where you are not quite young but not quite old. Before turning 40 I was working in children services as a family practitioner, my role was one that kept me on my toes. I worked with vulnerable children and families mainly where there were concerns for the child’s well-being and my role was to help make the child’s environment safer. I was blessed to train and specialise in different areas some that were incredibly challenging, from parenting to working with victims of child sexual exploitation. Almost 12 years on and 1 month before the not quite young but not quite old age of 40 I quit my career and set up my business JJ Butterfly. This was a huge step for me, I had not long discovered my Psychic Abilities, I was already studying to be a spiritual life coach, soul transformation reader and practitioner but had not yet completed the course, I had no idea how this was going to turn out or even if It would bring me an income, but here I am a year on and with a full-time business. In the middle of developing JJ Butterfly my visions were growing and most recently I developed JJ Butterfly collections, this is still in the teething stages but one that excites me a lot. JJ Butterfly collections is a way for me to provide tools and resources for people to use to help empower themselves and develop a more solution focused way of thinking. when working in children services this was one of the aims, to empower the families and children we worked with and it was one of the things I loved supporting in, so creating something in JJ Butterfly that also offered that was a no brainer.

So that is me professionally, personally I wear many hats, I am a daughter who supports my mum, I am an older sister but also a carer for my sister due to her having a disability and many medical conditions, I am an aunty who is actively involved in my nephew’s care including the fun but not so fun school pickups, I am a single woman who is trying to run a full-time business and find time to socialise. Throughout my 40 years I have had many experiences some amazing and some which have caused me a lot of distress but in all of them I have changed over and over again, that change has come from growth and lessons. In my upcoming blogs I will be sharing different parts of my journey and how they have challenged and helped me evolve as well as sharing my views on different topics related to the work I do, for example topics such as healthy relationships.

Until the next time, Much Love and an affirmation for you all to take away with you. JJ


I am the creator of my reality.

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