2021 Empowerment Kickstarter Programme January Start 2021 focusing on the power of you. We all have an inner light that helps to empower us to manifest and align with our highest self for our highest good but we may get confused how to discover and work with this. In this programme I work with you for the whole of January to help you with your inner light, the Aim of this programme is to empower you, to help you develop tools to support you shift to a more solution focused way of thinking and the energy of receiving.What you receive: - January 4th until January 31st weekly call or email where I provide you with guidance and practices to support you in shifting to a more aligned and balanced place, we work through blocks and challenges for example struggling with surrender


What is offered in the programme? 

- What’s app contact where I provide a check in and you can contact me if you need further guidance on each weeks practice

- Guidance based on your soul plan chart which is emailed to you

- Natal chart with interpretation

- Guidance on what your natal chart shows for each day of January emailed to you

- Channeled Reading on love/relationship emailed to you

- Guidance reading (video reading sent to you)

- 2021 moonology diary

- Goddess pendant with moonstone

- Affirmation deck

- Book of your choice from my site

2021 Empowerment Kickstarter Programme