The Divine Connection Journey Deck helps you to delve in to your connection to gain more insight and understanding. You can use this deck to do a reading on yours or anothers Love connection,especially Twin Flame and Soul Mate connections.  Each card contains a message and description of the message (see images), you can use other Tarot or oracle cards along side this to clarify or use for a more indepth readings. you can use this deck to receive guidance for your self. This deck is suitable for beginners and more experienced readers. 

I hope you enjoy discovering the journey of a divine connection using the divine connection journey deck 

The Price Includes postage 

Divine Connection Journey Deck

  • 78 Cards per deck 2.75''x 4.75'' (70x120mm)

    Card Finish:MPC Game Card Finish- Standdard smooth

    Packaging- Shiring Wrapped and Velvet Draw String Bag

  • The Price Includes Postage/ Shipping excluding any custom charges that may be applied when arriving in your country. 

    Delivery 3-5 Days