The Empower myself reflective journal is a guide to support you to work through blocks and unhelpful cycles you are in with romantic connections. The focus in the guide is on Twin Flame connections however this can be used for any relationship you struggle with. This Guide has 6 topics.



- Self Love

- Co-Dependency

- Labels

- the unknown

- Triggers



I speak about each topic from my experience on the journey as well as the patterns and observations I made from the 100's of people I provided a service to who identify themselves as Twin Flames. Over the last year I recognised there was not a lot of information available on how to work with some of the challenges faced in love in the Twin Flame community, Having a passion for coaching I decided to put together a work book that helps people to explore these topics on a deeper level and start to develop a more solution focused way of thinking, I have also provided reflective questions after each topic for you to go through, these help you to start exploring and unlocking areas in your self that are creating blocks or unhealthy cycles and a guide how to create change in each of them. This Journal should provide you with tools to use now but also revisit when you find your self struggling in love. I have also included Mindfulness activities, self-love tips, and some extra tools at the end. There are 79 pages in Total.


I also have other workbooks available to purchase on healthy boundaries, fear, anxiety, self-love. There is also a bundle offer available for all workbooks at a cheaper price.