Thank you for trusting me in your journey to create helpful boundaries for yourself.

Sometimes, we need someone - or a guide - to nudge us and show us where we should draw our boundaries. And make us more aware of what makes us tick.

Drawing your boundaries will transform you into a more confident person. And is the first step to becoming a more self-caring individual.

 Setting Healthy Boundaries Workbook will help you achieve that.

Everyone reaps the benefits of setting healthy boundaries. However - the reason you need to set healthy boundaries is going to be different from another person.

The Journal has 5 actions which self-respecting individuals practise to create boundaries to be more self-caring and confident.


I also have other workbooks available to purchase on Empower my self reflective journal, fear, anxiety, self-love. There is also a bundle offer available for all workbooks at a cheaper price.

Healthy Boundaries work book