Enjoy the Luxury Journal and the You Them and US Deck together, when purchasing this combo you are saving money if purchased seperatley 


Luxury Sun, Moon Star Journal. 

- Bound with Navy Blue Cloth, soft to the touch 

- Gold Foil Design, (seriously sparkles when the sun or light reflects of it!!!)

-  160 pages of Swedish Munken Kristall paper Lined white paper (never yellows!!!)

- 16 central pages of G . F Smith’s Colorplan paper (unlined)

- Swiss Binding Lay Flat Design, what does that mean? Each page lays perfectly flat when you open the notebook no matter what page you turn, worried about creases in the spine? No problem the design means that even if you bend it all the way back it does not cause cracks or creases, your notebook stays as clean and fresh. 

- Comes with a slipcase white cardboard for the added protection, keeps your notebook safe and easy to store on a book shelf as well 

- Navy Blue ribbon so you can book mark where you last left off, Heat sealed so it never frays 


You, Them and US Deck is packed full of intuitve messages, guidance and Love. This Deck has been created with all messages being channeled, each card having a detailed message on what messages you would need to know about your energy or the energy of another you are completing  a reading for. The Deck is perfect for beginners as it provides detailed description on each card to what it means and perfect for more advanced readers as it can provide you with indepth insight on the energy. The Deck has 84 cards, Messages for Divine Femine, Divine Masculine and Divine Union. The Deck is ideal for love readings. 







Deck and Journal Combo