Thank you for trusting me in your journey to overcome your anxious thoughts.


I want to assure you that you can calm your anxiety by observing and being aware of your thoughts.

That's what this Overcome Anxiety Kickstart Guide is for. It will help you to relax your anxious thoughts so that you can lower your anxious feelings.

Overcoming anxiety can be a long journey and I want to congratulate you for taking the first step to change your life with this Guide. Anxiety is anticipating unwanted situations or disasters happening. Our catastrophic thoughts cause anxiety for many of us. Some of us are anxious because we grew up with parents who worry all the time. Anxiety can also be genetic or caused by traumatic experiences.

Of these main 4 causes, we have most control over our thoughts. That is why we will be focusing mostly on re-framing our anxious thoughts in this Guide.

Overcome Anxiety Kickstarter Guide