SOUL TRANSFORMATION THERAPY (Core Issue Healing) is for those looking for a way of identifying and transforming current Soul Plan/Life Purpose blockages.

The last three years in Japan has seen many counsellors, therapists and even doctors offering a new modality which combines ancient and modern healing methods into an elegant new form of therapy. The aim of this work is to clear stuck patterns, emotional and life purposes blockages and other challenges in order to unify and blend the personality with the Soul.

The modality now known as Soul Transformation Therapy in the UK uses a Soul Archetype Tarot deck to diagnose firstly the polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges such as slavery/mastery, war/peace, wealth/poverty etc.) and then the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time.

The method then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages which includes a tree of life soul retrieval method, an energy psychology / dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan archetype work which has some similarity to jungian Shadow, psychosysnthesis and subpersonality work.


During the session I use Soul Plan Healing Cards to determine the specific issue and based on this determine the suitable intervention. The seven interventions are as follows:

Odic Bonding

Soul Plan Hologram/Akashic Reading- (not an Akashic Record Reading)

Soul Plan Energy Archetypes and Shadows

Boundary Tapping

Soul Plan Trauma Release

Soul Retrieval

Cord Balancing and Vow Breaking

All sessions end with a Forgiveness Ritual

Soul Transformation Therpay

  • All Sessions take place over Zoom if possible please have a working camera on your device.