Twin flame coaching programme

This programme is to help you with being able to work through the challenges you experience in the journey. Being a Twin flame initially sounds romantic and like a fairy-tale  but as you will know if you are on this journey this it is a connection that gifts you with the most sacred love but the most testing and many time painful path. There are many issues that arise in the connection, from co- dependency, karmic, rejection, tower moments and purging amongst many other things however this journey also leads you to a place of self-discovery and empowerment that you did not know even existed within you, there is this assumption by many that the twin flame journey is solely about the union with another but the journey is actually about journey to your self before joining another. In this programme I work with you through all the challenges that you are experiencing, not only is this a place for you to talk but this is also a place for me to help empower you, a place to help you understand what the stage you are in is asking from you and how to transition through this in the best way for you and your highest good. A place for you to receive support in your healing journey and to help raise your vibrations.


How is this offered?

  • The full programme is for 4 weeks there are one off session available please go back to services and look for Twin Flame Coaching Call
  •  I offer a 60 minute call through zoom or phone call depending on which country you are based in
  •  There is a mid-week check in completed by either what’s app or email.
  • For those who book a full programme (not individual sessions) you receive an affirmation deck and journal as part of the programme
  • The cost of the full programme offers a discounted rate of £10 per session if booked individually

Why am I offering this?

  • I am on the twin flame journey and have been there, that place of feeling like my soul was being destroyed, feeling so hopelessly dependant on the connection that all my focus was on this constantly, that place of feeling like I was obsessed and even thought I was going mad, that place of purging so hard that I thought I was not going to make it.
  • I opened up to healing, I opened up to surrendering, I worked consistently on releasing and then walked into a path of self-love and empowerment
  • I embarked on a journey to help others, the connection opened up my spiritual path and I studied and became a spiritual life coach and healer and want to combine both lessons from personal to academic to empower others.

What will you get out of this?

  • A safe space to be able to share your experiences
  • Guidance and coaching on how to work on releasing and healing the challenges you are experiencing
  • Practices to help raise your vibrations and align
  • You are stepping in to being empowered and opening up to what is for your highest good
  • At no extra cost you receive an affirmation deck with 30 affirmations and a journal to start setting intentions and journaling the new you.

Twin Flame Journey Coaching programme

£250.00 Regular Price
£190.00Sale Price