I have created this 16 page Workbook because self-care is the ultimate everyday gift you can give to yourself - and the people around you.

Self-care is not about going to the spa everyday! Self-care means listening to your body, being present and taking care of your mental health.

Self-care is not selfish. You can’t be of service to others if your energy level is low and your self-care needs are not met.

When you take care of your needs, you will be recharged enough to be the best friend, colleague or mother that you can.

When you are full of positive energy and feeling good about yourself, you can do more good out there. Achieve more. Offer more help - while keeping your energy and vibes high.

You will be a pleasure to work with, and to be around with. You may not be aware of this - but your positive state will inspire people around you to smile and relax more.

The work guides you with working on

  • Mental selfcare
  • Physical Self Care
  • Emotional SelfCare
  • Spiritual SelfCare
  • Social SelfCare

Practices and tips are provide for each of the above

Ultimate Selfcare workbook